Hatherleigh Junior National Round – Harry Hardcastle Storms to solo victory

Harry Hardcastle Storms to victory at the Hatherleigh Junior road race

The race consisted of two laps around a 56.5km loop, with the terrain making it difficult for any significant break to form on the first circuit.

The rolling course – large sections of which were on three fast but scenic A-roads – prevented any successful breakaways, and it wasn’t until the closing stages that anyone pulled out more than 30 or 40 seconds on the bunch.

With just over half a lap to go and sensing a lull in the intensity of the bunch, Hardcastle broke away on his own.

With around half a kilometre to go the leading pair had almost been swallowed up by the bunch, but it was at that point, as they exited a roundabout, that Hardcastle seized his opportunity.

He held on for the solo victory, with Anderson just edging out Brown in the sprint for second place.

“It was coming down in the last kilometre and my legs were hurting – I was going backwards,” said Hardcastle.“And then I saw the roundabout and thought ‘right, I’m going to have to go now’ because I could see them coming – and I went really early and just held it. It was a good race. Mega work too from the rest of the team to get me into the right place at the right time.”


1. Harry Hardcastle Whellbase Cabtech Juniot RT 2:15:40

2. Anthony Anderson SigmaSport.co.uk @2 seconds

3. Jim Brown PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield ERT same time

4. Ethan Vernon Team Corley Cycles st

5. Thomas Bostock Equiom IOM Junior Cycling st

6. Adam Kelly Equiom IOM Junior Cycling st

7. James Ridehalgh HMT with JLT Condor st

8. Brecon Burnett Cardiff Ajax CC st

9. Joe Hill Sussex Revolution Velo Club st

10. Daniel Pullen SunSport Velo st

With 3 rounds left Harry currently sits second in the overall standings, after this weekend he closed the gap to Oscar Mingay who currently sits in first place.


London Nocturne – Storming Ride by Matt Shaw

Storming Ride by Matt Shaw at the London Nocturne 


As a few of the lads are currently doing their GCSE’s a couple of the team were unable to make it to the Spokes RR national round.

Matt Shaw headed down to the London Nocturne. This iconic race was set with an impressive back drop. The finish line was just outside St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Matt took part in the support race where his wheel unfortunately slipped in his frame, this resulted in a wheel change, this left him in the second group on the road. However, Matt then bridged across tho the leading group solo. This left Matt pretty gassed and he didn’t quite have enough left to get up there in the sprint.

After the support race Matt was getting ready for the main race of the evening, the Elite race. This is when Matt showed everyone what he could really do. The race set off and immediately it was full gas with riders dropping like fly’s but not matt. Matt showed his strength by sticking with the best pros in the country in a select group of around 15 riders. Matt then sprinted to a very impressive 10th place.

This is one of Matt’s best results, a top 10 in the company of the best pros in the country on junior gear at only 16 years old.

What a ride, one to watch for the future.

Spokes Junior Road Race

Our team for the Spokes Road Race was:

  • Harry Hardcastle
  • Euan Cameron
  • Jack Ford

The team had high hopes heading up to Northern Scotland for the Spokes Junior RR, part of the junior national series.

The lads did not disappoint. Harry Hardcastle rode to an impressive 13th place on stage 1 with a brutal climb up to the finish line. After Stage 1 the lads were motivated to get Harry in to a good position to try and improve on his 13th place on stage 1. Everything went to plan as Harry rode a storming race winning the bunch gallop for 3rd place with 2 riders away. This is Harry’s best result to date in a junior national race.

Rutland Junior CiCle Classic

Sunday 4th June, the team headed down to Melton Mowbray for the Rutland CiCLE Classic. This race has been dubbed the UK’s version of Paris Roubaix.

As the flag dropped it was set to be a very nice day with the sun shinning. The lads were looking forward to a hot race for a change, but, the hot weather meant that the off road sectors were set to be very dusty and dry.

Matthew shaw found himself in a break of 3 riders pretty early on in the race, he swept up a couple of KOM points during his time off the front. As the race came back together it was our man Harry Hardcastle that was at the sharp and of the race, after the initial breakaway was caught another group clipped off the front. Harry managed to bridge over to this group solo, he then sprinted to 13th place. A solid ride on such a brutal circuit.

Euan Cameron – Isle of Man Stage 3 Report

Stage 3 of the Isle of Man junior tour was set to be the hilliest and toughest stage of the tour. It was a tough 9km course along the cost of Ramsey with one main power climb and typically iom rolling roads.

On arrival we went though our usual pre race routine of kitting up, signing on and filling our pockets with all the nutrition we would need. Just as we were about to role out, we were informed that the race would be postponed. (instead of starting at 9 and the race being 97km, we were to start at 10 and race 50km). This came as a disappointment as we were looking forward to a long and hard final stage.

Once the race was underway we tried to stay at the front ready to jump in the inevitable breakaway. On the first 2 laps me and Will had a few digs off the front but nothing seemed to stick.  After we had done two laps, the cracks started to show and people started to go out the back. Once we had gone over the main climb we came to one of the rolling sections of course where I attacked. I got a good gap quite quickly and found my Rhythm pushing the wind. After about  5 or so minutes another rider joined me and we worked well together off the front. Once we got to the climb he pushed on and the peloton caught me a little while later. After I was caught I recovered for half a lap before continuous attacking just trying to make the race as hard as possible.

Coming into the last lap over the climb and rolling roads it began to string out. Both Matt and Harry had managed to get themselves into a good position and going into the Final few corners were in perfect position for the bunch sprint. Once the sprint opened up a combination of the hard race headwind and slight up hill drag meant that they lost a few positions but we’re still well inside the top 10 getting both 6th and 8th.

All in all it was a successful weekend for the team.

Harry Hardcastle – Race report for Tour of the Mendips

The Junior Tour of the Mendips was a 2 Day stage race near Bristol which forms a part of British Cycling’s National Junior Road Race series on 8-9/4/2017.

Day 1 – Stage 1 TT

On Saturday morning at 8:15 we rolled down to sign on from the b&b we were staying as a little leg opener. Will was first off for Wheelbase, while he was warming up me and Matt did a recon of the tt course in the car. On arriving back Will was just about to set off to the start 2k away. We wished him good luck and started to get ready. I was next off at 10:46. The course was fairly rolling with only 1 tight corner. The start was half way down a hill, when setting off it was a head wind, which wasn’t too strong but noticeable. The 7.4k course had a fast average of around 26 mph. the fastest time was set by Oscar with a time of 10:28 with Myself in 10th with a 10:43, Matt in 24th with a time of 10:54 and Will in 38th with a time of 11:01. We all rolled back to the HQ to spin the legs out for the 2nd race later on in the day.

Stage 2 – Road race
The second race was set to be a good one as it was hot and sunny, this made for a good race with attacks coming at all times, many of which had at least 1 wheelbase rider in it. The race was picking up and gaining speed when a spokes rider crashed with 2 and a half laps to go, a group of 3 were away then the race was stopped when we got back to where the crash happened. The rider was unconscious and unable to move, the race was neutralised until we had passed, after that the race kicked off straight away. I got myself in the break, which Matt then bridged across to, unfortunately this was brought back but soon after the race was stopped on the finish line with 1 lap to go, the race was then abandoned due to an ambulance needing access to the rider.

Day 2
Stage 3 – Road race

On day 2 the sun was out again, which always boosts moral. Today was a hilly day with 3 main climbs. The race rolled out at 10:30 with the same overall standings from the TT. There was a 6k neutralised section today that lead onto the circuit. The race kicked off as soon as the flag dropped making the first 10 k fast until 19k in when we hit the first hill, the bunch rolled up this not putting too much pressure on. Over the top of this climb 3 people were away but got swept up by the bunch soon after. The 2nd climb was very steep with a max gradient of 30%, this was straight after a dead left hand turn, all of us stayed with the front bunch of around 15 riders with 5 off the front. Over the top of the hill the bunch worked together to bring the 5 back, when it was brought back we attacked trying to split the group and tire the climbers. Throughout the rest of the race, until the last climb, we all kept attacking along with other riders to try and split the race, unfortunately this did not work and the bunch rolled into the last climb together, half way up the climb a bunch of 5 tapped off the front leaving all 3 of us in the bunch. A small group of 8 tapped off the bunch behind the 5 already off the front, I then won the bunch sprint taking 6th, Will and Matt rolled in the middle of the bunch.


1 Tobias Dahlhaus J2 London Dynamo 10 1:55:36

2 Mason Hollyman FJ2 Bike Box Alan 7 1:55:36

3 George Kimber J2L Cycle Sport Dynamo 5 1:55:36

4 Joe Swinnerton J2 Swinnerton Cycles 3 1:55:36

5 Oscar Mingay FJ2 Wales 1 1:55:36

6 Harry Hardcastle J2 WHEELBASE CABTECH JUNIOR RT 1:55:47 0:11

7 Dougal Toms J1 Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich 1:55:47

8 Liam Davies J2 Catford CC Equipe/Banks 1:55:47

9 Lewis Hartley FJ3 Zappi Racing Team 1:55:47

10 Joshua Price FJ2 Backstedt Cycling 1:55:52 0:16
22 William Orrell-Turner FJ2 WHEELBASE CABTECH JUNIOR RT 1:56:08 0:32
29 Matthew Shaw FJ2 WHEELBASE CABTECH JUNIOR RT 1:56:54 1:18


1 Oscar Mingay FJ2 Wales

2 George Kimber J2L Cycle Sport Dynamo 0:18

3 Thomas Bostock FJ2 Equiom IOM Junior Cycling Team 0:26


5 Liam Davies J2 Catford CC Equipe/Banks

6 Joe Swinnerton J2 Swinnerton Cycles 0:28

7 Jacques Sauvagnargues J2L Zappi Racing Team 0:33

8 Zak Coleman J2 Strada-Sport 0:34

9 Samuel Tillett J2 Wales 2:06:38

10 Jake Wright J2 Zappi Racing Team 0:37
23 William Orrell-Turner FJ2 WHEELBASE CABTECH JUNIOR RT 1:05

About Wheelbase

WHEELBASE CABTECH JUNIOR RACE TEAM has been established out of pure passion for cycle racing. Real racing.

We have carefully assembled a select team of athletes from around the UK to race at the highest level of the domestic junior road race scene.

The team is made up of 6 talented juniors, who will compete at a national level throughout the UK.