Euan Cameron – Isle of Man Stage 3 Report

Stage 3 of the Isle of Man junior tour was set to be the hilliest and toughest stage of the tour. It was a tough 9km course along the cost of Ramsey with one main power climb and typically iom rolling roads.

On arrival we went though our usual pre race routine of kitting up, signing on and filling our pockets with all the nutrition we would need. Just as we were about to role out, we were informed that the race would be postponed. (instead of starting at 9 and the race being 97km, we were to start at 10 and race 50km). This came as a disappointment as we were looking forward to a long and hard final stage.

Once the race was underway we tried to stay at the front ready to jump in the inevitable breakaway. On the first 2 laps me and Will had a few digs off the front but nothing seemed to stick.  After we had done two laps, the cracks started to show and people started to go out the back. Once we had gone over the main climb we came to one of the rolling sections of course where I attacked. I got a good gap quite quickly and found my Rhythm pushing the wind. After about  5 or so minutes another rider joined me and we worked well together off the front. Once we got to the climb he pushed on and the peloton caught me a little while later. After I was caught I recovered for half a lap before continuous attacking just trying to make the race as hard as possible.

Coming into the last lap over the climb and rolling roads it began to string out. Both Matt and Harry had managed to get themselves into a good position and going into the Final few corners were in perfect position for the bunch sprint. Once the sprint opened up a combination of the hard race headwind and slight up hill drag meant that they lost a few positions but we’re still well inside the top 10 getting both 6th and 8th.

All in all it was a successful weekend for the team.

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