Harry Hardcastle – Race report for Tour of the Mendips

The Junior Tour of the Mendips was a 2 Day stage race near Bristol which forms a part of British Cycling’s National Junior Road Race series on 8-9/4/2017.

Day 1 – Stage 1 TT

On Saturday morning at 8:15 we rolled down to sign on from the b&b we were staying as a little leg opener. Will was first off for Wheelbase, while he was warming up me and Matt did a recon of the tt course in the car. On arriving back Will was just about to set off to the start 2k away. We wished him good luck and started to get ready. I was next off at 10:46. The course was fairly rolling with only 1 tight corner. The start was half way down a hill, when setting off it was a head wind, which wasn’t too strong but noticeable. The 7.4k course had a fast average of around 26 mph. the fastest time was set by Oscar with a time of 10:28 with Myself in 10th with a 10:43, Matt in 24th with a time of 10:54 and Will in 38th with a time of 11:01. We all rolled back to the HQ to spin the legs out for the 2nd race later on in the day.

Stage 2 – Road race
The second race was set to be a good one as it was hot and sunny, this made for a good race with attacks coming at all times, many of which had at least 1 wheelbase rider in it. The race was picking up and gaining speed when a spokes rider crashed with 2 and a half laps to go, a group of 3 were away then the race was stopped when we got back to where the crash happened. The rider was unconscious and unable to move, the race was neutralised until we had passed, after that the race kicked off straight away. I got myself in the break, which Matt then bridged across to, unfortunately this was brought back but soon after the race was stopped on the finish line with 1 lap to go, the race was then abandoned due to an ambulance needing access to the rider.

Day 2
Stage 3 – Road race

On day 2 the sun was out again, which always boosts moral. Today was a hilly day with 3 main climbs. The race rolled out at 10:30 with the same overall standings from the TT. There was a 6k neutralised section today that lead onto the circuit. The race kicked off as soon as the flag dropped making the first 10 k fast until 19k in when we hit the first hill, the bunch rolled up this not putting too much pressure on. Over the top of this climb 3 people were away but got swept up by the bunch soon after. The 2nd climb was very steep with a max gradient of 30%, this was straight after a dead left hand turn, all of us stayed with the front bunch of around 15 riders with 5 off the front. Over the top of the hill the bunch worked together to bring the 5 back, when it was brought back we attacked trying to split the group and tire the climbers. Throughout the rest of the race, until the last climb, we all kept attacking along with other riders to try and split the race, unfortunately this did not work and the bunch rolled into the last climb together, half way up the climb a bunch of 5 tapped off the front leaving all 3 of us in the bunch. A small group of 8 tapped off the bunch behind the 5 already off the front, I then won the bunch sprint taking 6th, Will and Matt rolled in the middle of the bunch.


1 Tobias Dahlhaus J2 London Dynamo 10 1:55:36

2 Mason Hollyman FJ2 Bike Box Alan 7 1:55:36

3 George Kimber J2L Cycle Sport Dynamo 5 1:55:36

4 Joe Swinnerton J2 Swinnerton Cycles 3 1:55:36

5 Oscar Mingay FJ2 Wales 1 1:55:36

6 Harry Hardcastle J2 WHEELBASE CABTECH JUNIOR RT 1:55:47 0:11

7 Dougal Toms J1 Pedal Power Cycles Ipswich 1:55:47

8 Liam Davies J2 Catford CC Equipe/Banks 1:55:47

9 Lewis Hartley FJ3 Zappi Racing Team 1:55:47

10 Joshua Price FJ2 Backstedt Cycling 1:55:52 0:16
22 William Orrell-Turner FJ2 WHEELBASE CABTECH JUNIOR RT 1:56:08 0:32
29 Matthew Shaw FJ2 WHEELBASE CABTECH JUNIOR RT 1:56:54 1:18


1 Oscar Mingay FJ2 Wales

2 George Kimber J2L Cycle Sport Dynamo 0:18

3 Thomas Bostock FJ2 Equiom IOM Junior Cycling Team 0:26


5 Liam Davies J2 Catford CC Equipe/Banks

6 Joe Swinnerton J2 Swinnerton Cycles 0:28

7 Jacques Sauvagnargues J2L Zappi Racing Team 0:33

8 Zak Coleman J2 Strada-Sport 0:34

9 Samuel Tillett J2 Wales 2:06:38

10 Jake Wright J2 Zappi Racing Team 0:37
23 William Orrell-Turner FJ2 WHEELBASE CABTECH JUNIOR RT 1:05

About Wheelbase

WHEELBASE CABTECH JUNIOR RACE TEAM has been established out of pure passion for cycle racing. Real racing.

We have carefully assembled a select team of athletes from around the UK to race at the highest level of the domestic junior road race scene.

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