Hatherleigh Junior National Round – Harry Hardcastle Storms to solo victory

Harry Hardcastle Storms to victory at the Hatherleigh Junior road race

The race consisted of two laps around a 56.5km loop, with the terrain making it difficult for any significant break to form on the first circuit.

The rolling course – large sections of which were on three fast but scenic A-roads – prevented any successful breakaways, and it wasn’t until the closing stages that anyone pulled out more than 30 or 40 seconds on the bunch.

With just over half a lap to go and sensing a lull in the intensity of the bunch, Hardcastle broke away on his own.

With around half a kilometre to go the leading pair had almost been swallowed up by the bunch, but it was at that point, as they exited a roundabout, that Hardcastle seized his opportunity.

He held on for the solo victory, with Anderson just edging out Brown in the sprint for second place.

“It was coming down in the last kilometre and my legs were hurting – I was going backwards,” said Hardcastle.“And then I saw the roundabout and thought ‘right, I’m going to have to go now’ because I could see them coming – and I went really early and just held it. It was a good race. Mega work too from the rest of the team to get me into the right place at the right time.”


1. Harry Hardcastle Whellbase Cabtech Juniot RT 2:15:40

2. Anthony Anderson SigmaSport.co.uk @2 seconds

3. Jim Brown PH-MAS/Paul Milnes/Oldfield ERT same time

4. Ethan Vernon Team Corley Cycles st

5. Thomas Bostock Equiom IOM Junior Cycling st

6. Adam Kelly Equiom IOM Junior Cycling st

7. James Ridehalgh HMT with JLT Condor st

8. Brecon Burnett Cardiff Ajax CC st

9. Joe Hill Sussex Revolution Velo Club st

10. Daniel Pullen SunSport Velo st

With 3 rounds left Harry currently sits second in the overall standings, after this weekend he closed the gap to Oscar Mingay who currently sits in first place.


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